My Isaura,

here are your poems - poems that i wrote for you. maybe you will like to remmber a few of them.


i hand you the gun, this life is about to end
my body´s bruised, my knees are bent
i keep searchin for something i´ll never find
i´m the only one who knows what´s on my mind

the rose of life begins to fade away
little things appeared and led me astray
walkin alone as a fool on demand
waiting for anyone to take command

havin decided to trust no more
people keep tellin “stick to the core”
the content of life ceased to exist
what´s up to me – i can just try to resist…



My heart is torn in two
I rip out the biggest part and hand it to you
For you! I don´t need it no more
For you – who makes my spirit soar
Keep that in mind while thinking of me
I will never change to what you want me to be
I am just this fool here – reaching for the sky
Hoping you could like this guy

Could I ever show love
Coz I am on my cloud, seeing no dove
You appear and feed this child
Plz take my hand for a bumpy ride

You light this world of darkness
……could you love someone who´s heartless?



No bullet needs to get through my skin
My heart is exploding from within
Shot through the heart after a word from you
Where´s your voice taking me to?

Taking me to a foreign land
Where noone else than me will hold your hand
That´ll make me bulletproof ‘til the end of time
Nothing could kill cause you are mine

Possession is not my aim
Truth is the only thing I claim
It´ll make me bulletproof if truth means your are mine
Hold me tight until the sun will cease to shine

A ray of light – illuminating my life
It´s your light that makes me dive
Put your hand on my chest, just don´t move
Never take it away – I want to remain


[june 24th]

summer´s gone, winter´s near
what´s coming to me is all i fear
darkness lies on my day
i so wish the winter away

summer´s gone, winter´s near
dark clouds in the sky make it clear
the ceiling is crashing down on me
six feet under, that´s where i wanna be

summer´s gone, winter´s near
winter means that you´re not here
i´m trembling, got shivers down my spine
please hold me, you´re divine

now my winter is in front of the door
i don´t wanna open, i look to the floor
searching for pictures, images of you
what´s happening, i don´t have a clue



I´m hanging here
Between the sky and the ground
Nobody can imagine
What unique diamond I found

The light is mourning
For me, this dark soul
My precious treasure
Left this empty hole

Crawling like a small creature
Over golden silk, ur skin
Don´t keep the distance
The protective shield is paperthin

I love you more & more each day
More than I´m able to show
Invincible thoughts
I so wish they would not grow

[two years]

by now, we know each other for two years
for me all this meant to cry some tears
but all you gave me was more precious than gold
many memories warm me up when i feel cold

"let us be friends" - meaningful but hard to say
i don´t wanna lose you, your smile is here to stay
i´ll be there for you, just tell me when
i´ll do my best, do the best i can

but PLZ, i need you too, can i still count on you???

(October 9th, 2002)